This intriguing biography of Duncan Dunbar examines his rise to prominence from Dunbar Wharf in Limehouse to shipbuilder and owner of the largest fleet of sail ever assembled-larger than the Royal Navy at its peak. Additionally, he founded two insurance companies and two banks which exist today in modern form. He dominated trade routes to Australia, New Zealand, India, and Asia and brought to Australia and New Zealand fully one-third of all arrivals and supplied transport for the Burmese War, the Crimean, Second Opium War and Indian Rebellion. His house flag was recognised in every port, and he was a major public figure better known than Cunard and P&O. His estate in 1862 was £1,600,000, the third-largest Probate ever in the UK to that point. Contemporaries included Jardine, Matheson, Rothschild, Lord Panmure, Baring, Gladstone, and several Prime Ministers.  

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How the last Australian convict ship ended up in a small New Zealand town.

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