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Advance praise for
Lion Rampant: Duncan Dunbar and the Age of Sail-

“This meticulously researched book details Duncan Dunbar and his magnificent fleet of ships.  He was at the forefront of the expansion of the British Empire developing trade and emigration. Our parent company owned Dunbar Wharf for over 50 years and it still exists as a reminder of England’s greatest era of sail.”
- Barry Ashworth, Director, E.W.Taylor (Forwarding) Ltd.
  The 4th Owners of Dunbar Wharf since 1790

“We take for granted how simple it is to travel around the world by sea or by air, this book is an excellent reminder of the risks involved in the early days and the ingenuity used prior to the Suez Canal opening. It is a wonderful read about an extraordinary man who helped to lay the foundations for the modern Merchant Navy.”
- Thomas Betteridge AMIMarEST, First Engineer, RMS Queen Mary


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